Here's where it all started...


A Kiwi snacking staple since the ’70s, Snak Logs were one NZ's first muesli bars. Unique in size, shape and recipe, these bars are packed with honest ingredients and natural energy. Nature's power pack - crammed with oats, seeds and fruit.

Snak Logs Carob Coated Apricot

This is where good energy gets tasty! Carob Coated Apricot Snak Logs - reliving memories of school lunchboxes passed. Do you eat the carob off first... or dig in to the whole lot at once?

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Snak Logs Carob Coated Fruit & Nut

This one's for the Fruit & Nut Lovers! Delicious oven baked bars, packed with naturally wholesome ingredients. A classic Kiwi pantry staple!

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Snak Logs Oats, Golden Syrup & Coconut

Nature's power pack - bursting with goodness! These tiny but mighty Oat, Golden Syrup & Coconut Snak Logs are packed with honest ingredients and natural energy.

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Snak Logs White Choc & Raspberry

White Choc & Raspberry Snak logs are bursting with the goodness of roasted nuts, fruits, cereals, oat-bran, sunflower seeds, sweet raspberries and creamy white choc. The ultimate flavour combo!