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Sweet or savoury, traditional or a

bit experimental...

At Tasti we have searched the world for the finest nuts, seeds and baking delights - perfect for your creations.

Tasti Baking Nuts and Seeds

We're nuts about nuts and seeds! We even have a clever way of packaging our nuts and seeds to stay naturally fresher for longer, so you can enjoy creating all kinds of Tastiness at home!

It goes without saying that quality is important to us - and we search the world to find the best ingredients,

so that you can enjoy all manner of baking and snacking Tastiness at home.

Iconic ingredients of baking tradition.

And we know about tradition -

our Tasti founders were making delicious crystallised ginger over 90 years ago!

Get inspired with these Tasti recipes.

There's something

for everyone!

From savoury to sweet, and everything in between, take a look at our Tasti recipe collection for some baking and cooking inspiration.

Hot Cross Buns
Chicken Tagine.jpg
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