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Our Snacking Range is Naturally Delicious!

Here at Tasti, we are very proud of our snacking range. Whether you’re after a fruity morsel, or perhaps something baked to have with a cuppa... Or if you’re just nuts about nuts, we have a delicious snack for you and the whole clan. And they’re all made with naturally delicious ingredients.

Oat Baked Squares

Filled with the wholesome goodness of oats,

the whole family will love this deliciously soft oven-baked Oat Baked Square!

*Oat Baked Squares Salted Caramel is exclusive to NZ Supermarkets.



Refuel gives you sustained energy to get you through your day. Kick into gear with complex carbs and fibre from oats, plus a protein hit from nuts and seeds. The BIG energy bar packed with wholesome nutrition, that'll fuel up the tank whenever you need to step on the gas!


Protein Fix

Built big for maximum taste and performance, Protein Fix bars are loaded with protein to help you hit your peak performance! Packed full of light and crispy soy pops, nuts and topped with a delicious creamy that is smothered in a choc coating to bust hunger in one FIX - get at it!


Fruit Wholefood Balls

100% natural apple-based wholefood balls that combine clean and bright fruit flavours, inspired by top-selling fruit juices. Made simply with 5 natural ingredients, delivering a unique taste and texture within a wholefood ball that you can enjoy and also feel good about eating!

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Nut Bars

Tasti Nut Bars give you energy and they also help restore the ngahere mauri (forest lifeforce) of our

New Zealand native forests by nurturing threatened species like Kiwi and Whio (blue duck). We will donate 20c* from the sale of this product to the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust.

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Nut Bar Value Packs *Australia only

Tasti Nut Bar Value Packs are chock full of goodness. Bursting with nutty protein and energy our Nut Bars are the perfect snack to keep you going. 12 Bars inside! No artifical colours or flavours.

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Smooshed Wholefood Balls

Smooshed Wholefood balls are the on-the-go snack you can feel good about! These deliciously wholesome bite-sized balls are made from a handful of natural ingredients pressed together. Each serving provides a source of fibre, perfect for keeping hunger in check! Enjoy this power-packed snack whenever hunger strikes.  Plant-based, gluten-free, GMO-free, no preservatives.

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Fruit + Vege Wholefood Balls

This plant-based snack has been designed as an alternative on-the-go energiser that is a non-date-based product. Made with an apple base and only 5 other natural ingredients, this innovative snack combines natural fruit flavours with a hint of vege.


Made Simple Wholefood Bars

Simply good, nutritious whole food bars with nothing to hide. Made with delicious whole food ingredients that are pressed together for a perfect anytime snack. Plant-based and gluten-free.


Snak Logs

A jam-packed 70's original form when life was good,

the ingredients were real and the taste was true. Wholesome little beauties to get you out doing the things you love. Nature's own power pack is crammed with oats and seeds and no artificial colours or flavours.

Tasti Snak Logs.png

Mega Nuts

Mega Nuts bars are packed full of protein and energy to give you sustenance and have plenty of tastiness to quell the largest of appetites.


Protein Bars

Tasti Protein Bars are a deliciously chewy bar, packed with extra protein to keep you fuelled up at work or play. 10 grams of protein per bar!


Nut Butter Bars

A deliciously crispy, nutty base, lightly dipped in milk chocolate, topped with a 'smoothlicreamy' layer of real peanut butter and sprinkled with roasted nuts.


Raw Snacking

Handfuls of naturally delicious ingredients! Raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit are perfectly combined to give you that natural energy when you need it from only real, tasty ingredients.



Fun and fruity Fruitsies! What a yummy little creation of Tastiness - a cereal bar with a perfectly soft texture, baked around a delicious centre of fruitiness. Good source of fibre with no artificial colours or flavours.



Yummy little bars with a creamy milkshake flavoured filling, wrapped in a soft muffin coating. Perfect for little hands. There's not much to add and we think that's a good thing. Just naturally delicious ingredients - Tasti!


Muffin Bakes

Oven-baked and truly delicious! Our soft chocolatey muffin bakes with their delicate creamy filling are a delicious anytime treat, perfect for the office draw or school lunch box.

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