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Baking Nuts & Seeds

We're nuts about nuts and seeds. It's been over eighty years since our two kiwi founders began sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world for bakers here in New Zealand. We even have a clever way of packaging our nuts and seeds to stay naturally fresher for longer, so you can enjoy creating all kinds of Tastiness at home!

70g & 100g Nuts & Seeds

70g Tasti Natural Cashew.jpg
70g Whole Cashews.jpg
70g Hazelnuts.jpg
F1644A Tasti Hemp Seeds 100g.jpg
70g Macadamias.jpg
70g Chopped Peanuts.jpg
70g Pecans.jpg
70g Sliced Almonds.jpg
70g Slivered Almonds.jpg
70g Tasti Natural Almonds.jpg
70g Ground Almonds.jpg
70g Dessert Almonds.jpg
70g Blanched Almonds.jpg
70g Brazil Nuts.jpg
70g Pine Nuts.jpg
70g Raw Pistachios.jpg
100g Pumkin Seeds.jpg
100g Sesame Seeds.jpg
100g Sunflower Seeds.jpg
70g Walnut Halves.jpg
70g Walnut Pieces.jpg

300g Nuts & Seeds

Tasti_Bulk Nuts_Almonds 300g.jpg
Tasti_Bulk Nuts_Brazil Nuts 300g.jpg
Tasti_Bulk Nuts_Natural Cashews 300g.jpg
Tasti_Bulk Nuts_Sunflower Seeds 300g.jpg
Tasti Walnut Pieces 300g.jpg

500g Nuts

F1656A Tasti Natural Peanuts Front.jpg
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